Exhibition Opening: Walk With Eyes Closed「閉目遊走」展覽


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Walk With Eyes Closed 閉目遊走

Curator 策展人: Kate Gu 辜雪婷
Artist 藝術家: Kyung Hwa Shon 孫慶花

Exhibition period 展覽日期: 5/8/2019– 3/11/2019

Opening reception 開幕酒會: 5/8/2019, 6pm - 8pm
Artist talk 藝術家講座*: 5/8/2019, 7pm - 8pm
RSVP 登記: programs@duddells.co
*Conducted in English 以英語進行

When artist Kyung Hwa Shon walks a city, a unique practice of hers, she explores it through an imagined character, a phantom - ‘Stillman’. A sense of otherness emerges as she walks with it, which stimulates her imagination beyond the sole reliance on vision, expanding it into bodily consciousness. The sensual touch that she gains from the spaces becomes an understanding of the living organism and personality of a city, standing apart from herself. Through the physical quest of walking, she observes with an open heart and mind, and sometimes closed eyes. An accelerated exchange between the reality and the perceptions of Kyung Hwa’s walks produces the integral elements of her rich and powerful graphic works - the lines, shapes, and colours that are woven into her code and system of a city and that are translated into both the familiar and the alien. This reformed interaction with the world enlarges the conception of space and the space of conception. ‘Our soul is an abode. And by remembering “houses” and “rooms”, we learn to “abide” within ourselves’. Here, Gaston Bachelard points out the importance of psychological spatial existence. Particularly in a contemporary era that is filled with urban cacophony and tech profusion, we connect more with ourselves by creating mental space away from reality, walking with eyes closed, and mind-wandering into reverie, repose, or our own city of imagination. Igniting our inner curiosity, finding peacefulness, and staying mindful probably does not require a six-week meditation retreat. Instead, we might just take a little walk.

作為藝術家孫慶花特有的藝術實踐方式,她通過一個想像中的角色、一個幽靈 —「Stillman」,來步行探索城市。與「幽靈」同行導致了一種他者性的割離感,這激發了她的想像力,令她的行走超越了對視覺的唯一依賴,擴展到了身體意識。步行這種身體上的歷練幫助她觀察:心神開放的觀察、閉目的觀察。她從空間中獲得的觸感轉化為對城市生態和個性的理解,更形成與藝術家本體的對比。現實與這種行走產生的感知之間的加速交流催發了孫慶花豐富而有力的圖形作品中的各種元素:線條,形狀和顏色。她將它們編織到她的城市代碼和系統中,並轉化為或熟悉或陌生的形態。這種全新的與世界的互動擴大了對空間的概念和概念的空間。「我們的靈魂是一個居所。通過記住『房屋』和『房間』,我們學習如何『居留』於本我。」加斯東・巴什拉指出了心理空間存在的重要性。尤其是在紛雜的城市和科技氾濫的當代,從現實中創造一個心靈空間,閉目遊走,遐想,休憩,進入自我的想像之城,我們將更多的與本心相連。引發好奇心、尋回安寧和維持正念可能並不需要參加一個為期六週的冥想集中營。我們可能只需漫步遊走。


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