Qualiatik + 火炭麗琪 —【∀fter Absurd #02】


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∀fter Absurd 第二擊 @ Eaton HK

來自紐約的未來薩滿術士 — QUALIATIK


最 swag 的現代騎士 — 火炭麗琪


◤ ∀A#02 - 9/04 - 次場活動◢

日期 Date:4/9/2019 星期三 WED
時間 Time:2000 - 2230
地點 Venue: Terrible Baby
費用 Fee:80 元正

——表演:QUALIATIK (Live)
QUALIATIK — 紐約UNSEELIE的共同創辦人、Brooklyn DIY俱樂部HOLO的常駐DJ。抱持著概念化的DIY式創作,通過多種新媒介,諸如:VR、AR、互動電子程式、紋身、繪畫等,表達其狂熱渾沌的3D視覺。

——表演:火炭麗琪 (DJ Set)
火炭麗琪,a.k.a. 王麗琪,100%出生及成長於香港不同煩囂的地區,最終找到她平靜的隱居地 - 火炭。全職Fiji人妻,兼職表演者、說唱歌手和DJ,麗琪在等待她的brownies出爐時拿起CDJ把玩。她從不太認真 - 這對她起不起作用 - 她需要一路chill一路試驗音樂、多媒體和freestyle。麗琪首次亮相為女子二人組 - Cooking Bitchess的成員和本地派對社群 - 許留Gang的成員。



其實到哪裡和誰做些什麼都一樣——一樣流逝的時間、一樣運轉的世界、一樣存在的「荒謬」。在「荒謬」之中,地球毀滅之前,我們在經營關係、履行責任、have fun 或孤獨裡面尋找意義,大家不都一樣嗎。我們相信:


關於∀A@Eaton HK
∀fter Absurd @ Eaton HK 系列由 Eaton HK 贊助和促成。

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◤ ∀A#01 - 8/21 - 2nd Event◢
※ Performance - QUALIATIK (Live) VS FOTAN LAIKI(DJ Set)

——Event Details:
Date:04/09/2019 WED
Time:2000 - 2130
Venue:Terrible Baby

QUALIATIK is a multimedia artist, producer, performer, and engineer traversing the barriers between science, psychology, and metaphysics. Her feverishly introspective music envelopes the listener in a dynamic emotional world that pulls a thread from the subconscious and unravels the folds of all internal framework. The result is a dauntless breakdown of defenses, launching the listener into a dauntless state of self-confrontation and vulnerability.

Pulling from her background in neuroscience, QUALIATIK’s work is home to a distinct conversation between the concrete and the abstract, spinning silk only found in the ether of emotions through the structural dexterity of a deep desire to understand to the point of articulation. Her work embodies this dialogue, weaving a lucid and palpable tonal fabric from the abstract urges of the subconscious to frame a razor-sharp inquiry into the innermost depths of the
psyche, much like elucidating the workings of the mind through science.

Fotan Laiki, a.k.a. Wong Laiki, was 100% born and raised in the shattered parts of Hong Kong and finally sought her peaceful retreat in Fo Tan. Full-time Fiji Wifey, part-time performer, rapper & DJ, Laiki picked up playing CDJ while waiting for her brownies to be baked. She’s never too serious — it doesn't work for her — and she needs her chill to experiment with music, multimedia, and freestyle all the way.

Laiki debuted as a member of girls duo Cooking Bitchess and local party community Hui Lau Gang. In June 2017, she joined forces with Youngqueenz and dropped the breakout music video “FOTAN LAIKI”. Since then Laiki has been touring in Mainland China, appearing at festivals and shows in Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

——About ∀A@Eaton HK:
∀fter Absurd @ Eaton HK event series is sponsored and made possible by Eaton HK



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