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JYP Entertainment’s brand new girl group ITZY is going to hold their first showcase in Macau after nine months of their debut. Rolemodel Entertainment Group Limited (REG) has just announced that ITZY’s first showcase, “ITZY PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR ITZY? ITZY! In MACAU”, will be held on Saturday, 9 November 2019 at Broadway Theatre. Tickets priced at HKD/MOP $1,488(VIP), $1,088, $888 and $588, go on public sale starting Wednesday, 9th October 2019 onwards via Damai, Cityline, Tom Lee Music Stores, Broadway Macau and show ticketing counters at StarWorld Hotel, Galaxy Macau™ and Broadway Macau; while users are entitled to the advanced purchase of tickets from 4 to 6 October 2019 through PopCon App. All $1,488 VIP ticket holders are entitled to join the Hi-touch, Fan Sign Event or Group Photo Session with ITZY

JYP Entertainment本年度推出的最新女團ITZY將於出道9個月後,在澳門舉行首個演出!尚典娛樂集團有限公司(REG)宣佈ITZY將於2019年11月9日(星期六)假「澳門百老匯TM」 - 百老匯舞台舉行。票價分別為港幣/澳門幣$1,488(VIP)、$1,088、$888 和$588。門票將於 2019年 10 月9 日(星期三)經由大麥網、購票通 Cityline、通行琴行、澳門百老匯網站、星際酒店、「澳門銀河™」及「澳門百老匯」售票處作公開發售,而使用PopCon App可於10月4日至6日期間尊享優先購票服務。凡購買$1,488(VIP)門票的觀眾將可參與擊掌會或簽名會或與ITZY影團體合照。


Date/日期:Saturday, 9 November 2019 / 2019年11月9日(星期六)

Time/時間:7pm / 晚上7時

Venue/地點:「澳門百老匯TM」 - 百老匯舞台 / Broadway Theatre

Tickets/門票:  HK/MOP港幣/澳門幣 $1,488(VIP)* / $1,088 / $888 / $588元 ALL SEATED (全場座位) 


 Advanced ticket booking starts 10:00am to 11:59pm from 4 to 6 October 2019 through PopCon App. Regardless of ticket price, each user is allowed to book a maximum of 4 tickets per transaction.

經由PopCon App可於2019年10月4日上午10時至10月6日晚上11時59分為止尊享優先購票服務。不論票價,每次交易最多限購4張門票。



*All $1,488(VIP) ticketholders are entitled to join the Hi-Touch, Fan Sign Event or Group Photo Session (15 pax per group) via lucky draw. 

The fan privilege results will be announced through REG’s SNS one week prior to the show.

*凡購買$1,488(VIP)*門票的觀眾將可獲得以下福利 (三項中隨機抽選其中一項):

- 出席擊掌會 或

- 出席簽名會 或

- 影團體合照 (15人一組) 




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