Lunar New Year with Romain FX, VRAP & Jarod Escaped


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Lunar New Year is usually a long awaited period of the year throughout all of Asia where families gather around large meals and visits to the local temples. Romain FX, V_R_A_P and Jarod Escaped are DJs who are considered as family and regular players at the club will bring joy and great music to our own music temple.

農曆新年在亞洲,是一家團聚的日子,會聚餐和一起到廟宇拜神,然而Romain FX、V_R_A_P及Jarod Escaped一直都是宀大家庭成員,亦是DJ台上的常客,今年將交給他三人主理農曆新年派對,為大家帶來喜興歡樂。

Style: #House #Vinyl #RareGroove #Disco #Edits #WorldMusic


More considerate as a vinyl selector junkie and an unstoppable raver, V_R_A_P career has been blooming in the Hong Kong scene with well remarked performances in 宀 Club, Music Room of Potato Head, Fauve radio, Roam party, Club Kowloon, festival début at Wonderfruit and ShiFuMiz Autumn 2019 along major international DJs.

V_R_A_P recently moved to Tokyo to pursue his artistic development, DJ career and also joining the Fauve radio crew to support the radio’s expansion in Japan.

Expect from him a vibrant and surprising vinyl only selection from his last records finding to all time personal favorites melting House, disco, world music to break and acid vibes.

V_R_A_P是黑膠狂迷,亦喜愛派對,他於香港成名,活躍於宀、Potato Head的Music Room、Fauve Radio、Roam party、Club Kowloon,和在onderfruit音樂節登場,同時亦是2019年秋季Shi Fu Miz音樂節與各國際DJ同台演出。

V_R_A_P最近移居東京,繼續他的DJ音樂之路,亦為Fauve radio打開日本的大門。

V_R_A_P既活力又舞動的黑膠DJ Set,包括House、 Disco、World Music、Break及Acid vibes實在教人期待。


As for Romain, he has been a key innovator in the Hong Kong scene for the past 10 years, spearheading fresh concepts such as Roofest, the island's first rooftop festival, the first full time and award winning radio station called Fauve Radio, the first dance music oriented record store called The Pharmacy and on top of it all has been organising monthly parties under the name ROAM bringing international artists such as Jayda G, Move D, Habibi Funk, Demuja and many more.

He is now launching his production career with releases on his own imprint Fauve Records and also on other labels like Fantastic Voyage, Ca$hminus, 41,000Hz Social Club & Hard Fist Records. Only within the first 6 months of producing, his music has been played by some of the biggest acts in the game such as DJ Harvey, Horse Meat Disco, Skatebard, Lauer, Tornado Wallace, Lipelis & Orpheu The Wizard, Kamma & Masalo to name a few and also in some of the most iconic venues such as Berghain, Robert Johnson, Dekmantel, Igloo Festival, Pikes and more. His Boiler Room debuts during the Shi Fu Miz festival 2019 has really marked the beginning of his full-time career.

His extensive travelling for tours in places like Asia and Europe and his contact with a lot of the music world and recognised artists help him shape his music to fit most dance-floors, from Disco to House to Funk to Soul to Afrobeat to Dark Disco and so on...
Thanks to years of crate digging and a solid 10 years of DJing this fellah knows his classics as much as the most underground tracks.

Romain 過去十年都在不斷創新,嘗試為香港跳舞音樂注入新的概念新的體驗,其中有香港島首個天台音樂節「Roofest」,首個音樂電台「Fauve Raido」可以看著不同DJ全天候放送音樂,當然還有為人悉知的「ROAM」系列,每月從世界各地請來不同的DJ和製作人包括Jayda G、Move D、Habibi Funk、Demuja等等在香港舉行專場派對。

現時Romain於Fauve Records、Fantastic Voyage、Ca$hminus、41,000Hz Social Club及Hard Fist Records旗下展開他的製作人生涯。短短六個月的製作時間,他的作品已經被廣泛播放,包括DJ Harvey、Horse Meat Disco、Skatebard、Lauer、Tornado Wallace、Lipelis、Orpheu The Wizard、Kamma & Masalo等等DJ的喜愛,在世界各大具標誌性的夜店和音樂節會聽到他的製作,例如Berghain、Robert Johnson、Dekmantel、Igloo Festival、Pikes等等。Romain於2019年Shi Fu Miz音樂節的Boiler Room的演出,已帶他踏上全職音樂人之路。

Romain在亞洲和歐洲都有著豐富的遊歷經驗,包括觀賞知名製作人的現場表演等等,這些都影響著Romain的音樂,從Disco、House、Funk、Soul、Afrobeat到Dark Disco等等不停演化,今天他的音樂才能在舞池上發揚光大。



DJ/Producer and Independant, Label Founder, Jarod Escaped hail's From Paris France where he took his first steps where he collaborated with collectives and labels such as D.ko Records, and Make it Deep, before exploring some of the European as well as the Asian Scene and now is settled in Hong Kong where he's resident in various Clubs around the City.

Jarod Escaped has always been surrounded by music from various Horizons, which is well reflected in his selection going from World Music, DIsco, Funk and also Breakbeat and House so expect nonetheless to be surprised any time you'll attend his sets.

身兼DJ、製作人、獨立廠牌始創人,Jarod Escaped的DJ生涯從法國巴黎開始,他先後與不同的製作人和廠牌如D.ko Record、 An.art及Make it Deep合作,不久他開始向歐洲和亞洲探索,遠渡到現今的位置香港,現時在香港各大小夜晚均有派對。Jarod Escaped一直以來都受到不同音樂洗禮,直接影響他的選曲的取向,大可期待World Music、Disco、Funk、Breakbeat和House等等元素和無限驚喜出現在他的DJ set。



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