Welcome The Chinese New Year with Symbolic YUM CHA Menu



Welcome The Chinese New Year with Symbolic YUM CHA Menu



(Hong Kong - 3 January, 2020)  – Dim sum institution, YUM CHA has launched a selection of dishes to bring health, wealth and prosperity to diners across Hong Kong this Lunar New Year.


From now until February 3rd, all four YUM CHA locations are welcoming family reunions and celebrations with a series of limited edition, photogenic dishes and dim sum delicacies.


The new menu features fun interpretations of Chinese New Year favourites, all created to bring luck and good fortune to the table. Beginning with Deep-Fried Sticky Dumplings with Minced Pork & Shrimp (HK$38 for 3 pcs), these glutinous rice balls are served in the shape of Chinese ingots, or “gold sycees”. Once used as currency in Imperial China, these gold coin pouches are powerful symbols of wealth. The crispy exterior of the dumplings contrast tastefully with the soft and savoury inside filling.


Other dim sum offerings include Assorted Mushrooms, Shrimp Roe and Sea Cucumber Dumplings (HK$48 for 3 pcs). Paying homage to traditional customs, the signature Salted Egg Yolk Layered Cake (HK$38 for 3 pcs) has been crafted into miniature mahjong tiles.


Staying true to tradition, YUM CHA’s Mini Poon Choi (HK$238) is crafted with a host of ingredients including plentiful fish maw, abalone, sea cucumber, pigeon meat, fresh mushroom, lotus root, radish, bean curd skin and broccoli. Originally invented by early residents of the New Territories whom cooked up the colossal dish for celebratory occasions, a classic poon choi incorporates at least eight different types of key ingredients, layered in a particular way to bring out more complex flavours as the dish deepens.


Diners can choose from two lo hei Prosperity Toss dishes, experiential and perfect to share with friends and family. With mixed vegetables and finely cut ingredients, guests are encouraged to participate in tossing and mixing the dish together from the base to the top; symbolising the blessing of good fortune in the upcoming year.


The raw fish Mini Smoked Salmon Prosperity Toss (HK$168) features an abundance of meticulously placed vegetables including shinrimei radish, white and purple shredded cabbage, chopped carrot and cucumber. In addition, the dish is served with toppings like fried taros, crispy fried wonton skins, lotus root slices and ground peanuts with sesame seeds to garnish. Succulent smoked salmon is presented beside the vegetable bowl in the shape of a blooming rose, along with separate bowls of yuzu wasabi sauce, allspice mixed with pepper and olive oil for diners to dress the salad.


For a meat alternative, the Mini Prosperity Toss with Chicken (HK$168) serves similar vegetables in an impressively large dish with a portion of shredded chicken with rice noodles at the base. Served with a dressing of olive oil, mayonnaise, shallot oil and soy sauce; the colourful plate offers an array of flavours designed to celebrate the New Year.


Lastly, the Steamed Sabah Grouper with Fried Rice in Soup (HK$218) is ideal to enjoy between groups. Sabah grouper, Chinese Jinhua ham and sliced mushrooms are expertly cut and placed to take the effect of Qilin skin; a mythical Chinese creature which is thought to be a symbol of luck and prosperity. Topped with pepper, scallions and ginger, along with fried rice and a fresh homemade soup, this innovative dish is created especially by the YUM CHA team to welcome the Year of The Rat.



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YUM CHA, which translates to literally mean “drink tea”, has become a frequent, if not, daily ritual where family, friends, and business associates gather to savour a table full of dim sum and other culinary delights. At YUM CHA, traditional Chinese dishes and dim sum are infused with a hint of playfulness while maintaining the authentic flavours and the original essence of each dish. More importantly, only fresh and quality ingredients with no added MSG are used, creating healthy and palatable dishes for guests to enjoy.


YUM CHA has locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, with 4 branches located within the bustling Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay and Mongkok districts. Its young and vibrant culinary teams are helmed by Executive Chef Winson Yip and Deputy Executive Chef KC Mak, giving YUM CHA an array of exceptional dim sum and dishes that are not only tasty, but also fun and playful, resembling adorable cartoon characters that awaken the inner child of diners.


YUM CHA – Tsim Sha Tsui

A : 3/F, Attitude on Granville, No. 20-22 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

T : (852) 2751-1666

E : tst@yumchahk.com

YUM CHA – Central

A : Shop 1-2, 2/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road C., Central, Hong Kong

T : (852) 3708-8081

E : central@yumchahk.com

YUM CHA – Mongkok

A : Shop 07, Level 4A, Langham Place, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

T : (852) 2818-1099

E : langham@yumchahk.com

YUM CHA – Causeway Bay

A: 2/F, Emperor Watch & Jewellery Ctr., 8 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

T: (852) 2323-1288

E: cwb@yumchahk.com


Connect with YUM CHA on:

Website: http://www.yumchahk.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yumchahkg/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/yumchahk/



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