Greater China Club Celebrating 4th Anniversary


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Greater China Club is celebrating its 4th anniversary atop Lai Chi Kok dining destination D2 Place inviting legendary celebrity Chef Lin Chao-Dai to showcase the exquisite cuisine of Shunde’s ‘Land of Fish and Rice’.  The exceptional guest chef promotion is at the Club’s classic Chinese dining room Man Hing from 10 – 31 July 2019.

Shunde chefs are famed for their fierce knife skills, delicate cutting and both wok and steam cooking – and Chef Lin is a prominent master.  Half a million fans follow his Chinese mobile video platform on TikTok, dazzled by the skills that have earned Shunde the epithet ‘Phoenix City’ from the old Cantonese saying: “Eating in Guangzhou is best; but chefs hail from Phoenix City”.

“To celebrate our 4th anniversary it is a great honour and privilege to invite one of China’s most celebrated chefs, and a legendary master of Shunde cuisine, and delight gourmands and connoisseurs.”

During the promotion, Chef Lin is presenting more than 30 classic dishes on his menu of Shunde specialties.


As the ‘Land of Fish and Rice’, Shunde is braided by rivers and waterways defining its cuisine and there are eight ways of prepare just fish dishes alone. Chef Lin’s signatures include famous Braised Fish Soup with Carrot, Wood Fungus & Vegetable Leaves (HK$138 per person), with bones expertly removed, and flesh finely julienned into a texturally complex chowder. A must try for the adventurous is Braised Water Snake Soup with Chrysanthemum (HK$168 per person), appreciated for cosmetic and health properties as well as its clear, sweet flavour.

Seafood dishes also include Roasted Fresh Abalone with Rock Salt (HK$88, minimum two orders), first grilled with salt then pan-fried, covered and cooked. Sautéed Fish Rolls Stuffed with Chinese Ham & Vegetable (HK$268) is a century-old Shunde signature of fresh fish beaten into a fine paste then cut to resemble thin, crinkled pieces of crepe de Chine. Baked Big Fish Head with Ginger, Garlic & Shallots in Clay Pot (HK$338) uses only the prized portion of fish head just below the eyes, the soft cartilage pan-fried for an unctuous, gelatinous mouthfeel. 

A signature dish from the town of Xingtan, Deep-Fried Mud Carp Cake Coated with Crispy Spring Rolls Skin (HK$188) features freshly fish paste wrapped in Vietnamese spring roll rice paper, then fried to a crisp, aromatic golden brown with a tasty tender centre.

Shunde’s cuisine is also shaped by diverse products of the Pearl River Delta, and is home to some of China’s best recipes for poultry and pork. The traditional dish of Pan-Fried Minced Pork Cake with Pork Stomach (HK$178) is a meat patty with pork stomach, fragrant with a delightful texture. Traditional Wok-Fried Chicken with Guangdong Rice Wine, Oil, Soya Sauce and Sugar in Shunde Style (HK$268) is a hearty, braised poultry dish. Classics from Jun’an such as Steamed Minced Pork Cake with Preserved Kohlrabi (HK$168) and Steamed Marinated Pork Belly in Junan Style (HK$288) require laborious stages of cooking, relying on polished chef technique and experience.  

Other notable specialties on the menu include Pan-Fried Eel with Garlic And Egg (HK$288), Steamed Fresh Big Head Carp with Preserved Kohlrabi (HK$358 for half; HK$688 for whole), Steamed Chencun Rice Noodles with Beef Brisket & Homemade Sauce (HK$268), Scrambled Fresh Milk in Daliang Style (HK$158), Pan-Fried Pork Intestine with Egg & Spring Onion (HK$168), Steamed Chicken in Copper Plate (HK$248 for half; HK$468 for whole), and Poached Fish Noodles in Fish Soup (HK$88 per person).

Time-honoured desserts include traditional Double Layered Milk Pudding in Daliang Style (HK$48) and Ginger Milk Pudding in Traditional Style (HK$48), famous throughout China and beyond, along with Steamed Lunjiao Rice Cake in Two Colour (HK$58), using both white and yellow sugar, and Pan-Fried Pancake with Desiccated Coconut, Peanut and Sugar (HK$58).


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